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Professional Liability Insurance

> AAE Professional Liability Program

AAE membership includes $2 million in professional liability insurance for members who meet eligibility requirements. Access policy documents and view coverage details here, or purchase an upgrade for coverage for part-time educational activities.

> Private Practice Professional Liability Plan

Protect your career and your personal assets against a broad range of claims with liability coverage for self-employed educators or those engaged in partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Choose from three liability limits and three deductibles for economical protection that meets your needs.

Life Insurance

> Group Term Life Plan

Help protect your family’s future with our most basic and affordable term life plan from New York Life. Members and their spouses can request up to $1,000,000 of insurance, and spouses qualify at the member’s rate, regardless of age. Coverage for dependent children also available.

> Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan

How would your family cope if you suffered a disabling injury or were in a fatal accident? This affordable plan pays up to $300,000 in benefits in addition to any other life, health or disability insurance you may own, and it features double benefits for school-related or common-carrier travel accidents.

> 10-Year-Level Group Term Life Plan

This New York Life plan combines the utility of term life insurance with rates guaranteed to remain the same for the first 10 years. Up to $1 million in coverage is available for members and their spouses at group rates specially designed for TIE association members.

Auto & Home Insurance

> GEICO Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Insurance

Save even more car insurance when you buy through your professional association. As a member of a TIE association, you may qualify for additional discounts on top of the savings GEICO already provides to its customers.

> Homeowners, Renters and Condo Insurance

GEICO is synonymous with car insurance, but the company provides even more ways to save. Whether you own a home, rent an apartment or live in a condo, having coverage to protect your personal property is critical. Get a quote and find out if GEICO fits your residential insurance needs.

> Umbrella Liability Insurance

If you have GEICO auto or motorcycle insurance or any homeowners policy, you may be eligible for umbrella coverage. It's extra liability insurance against claims that exceed the limits of your auto or homeowners insurance as well as risks not covered by those policies.

Health Insurance

> Individual & Group Health Insurance

Compare health insurance plans from leading insurers side-by-side, and purchase and enroll in coverage online through eHealth, a leading private health insurance exchange. eHealth features educational resources and licensed agents to help consumers select coverage.

> Medicare Supplement Insurance

Retirees can view rates and benefits for multiple plans offered by leading insurers, then enroll for coverage online through eHealth, a leading private health insurance exchange. eHealth features educational resources and licensed agents to help consumers select coverage.

> Cancer Protector Plan

Even the best health insurance typically doesn’t cover 100% of cancer treatment. This economical plan helps you afford the care you need. Benefits are paid directly to you to be used for any expenses — medical or otherwise — that you may incur.

> Educators Dental Plan

This simple, economical plan pays up to $1000 per person per year to a participating dentist of your choice after an annual deductible ($50 Individual, $150 Family) and applicable co-payments. Preventive care is covered immediately at up to 100% with no waiting period. Basic Restorative care is also covered with no waiting period. Major Restorative procedures are covered after a six-month waiting period.

> SpecialtyCare Connect

Your association wants you to live your best life, pain free. That’s why we offer a free benefit through SpecialtyCare Connect (SCC) to help you find the best orthopaedic specialist. You can expand your service to cover your entire family, for all conditions. You can purchase the upgrade at an exclusive price through your association membership.

> Long Term Care

Your association membership comes with complimentary access to LTCRplus, a new program to deliver a more personal and customized approach to long-term care services. LTCRplus provides powerful tools and advice to help you find the best and most cost-effective care for you or a family member.

Disability Insurance

> Group Disability Income Protection Insurance Plan

Get replacement income up to $5,000/month in case you can't work due to a disabling illness or injury. Choose a benefit amount, waiting period, and benefit duration to fit your needs with benefits paid directly to you.

Additional Plans & Benefits available through Forrest T. Jones & Company

> IDShield Identity Theft Protection

Millions of Americans have their identity stolen every year. IDShield is the best way to protect your identity. Gain access to a high quality identity theft plan with a $5 million service guarantee to help protect and restore your identity for as little as $8.45 per month for an individual or $15.95 per month for a family.

> LegalShield Legal Services Plan

Gain access to high quality advice and legal services on a broad range of legal issues for a flat rate that’s as little as $14.95 per month for an individual or $15.95 per month for an individual plus immediate family. Association members enjoy up to a 20% rate reduction on LegalShield plans.

> ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Save up to 20% on ASPCA Pet Health Insurance with your group discount plus a discount on the base plan premium for eligible multiple pets. Cover your dog or cat for accidents, illnesses, wellness care and more. Plus, you can visit any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada!

> International Travel / Medical

Don’t put your health at risk when traveling outside the U.S. Our plans cover foreign health care costs that standard medical plans or Medicare don’t. Choose from more than a dozen plans for every type of travel – individual or group, short-stay vacations to foreign study / cultural exchange programs.

Free Member Benefit!

Let SpecialtyCare Connect Help You
Make Better Health Care Choices

SpecialtyCare Connect is a health navigation service that will help you find the best specialists while keeping you in network and close to home.

With your association membership, you have access to FREE Orthopaedic recommendations through SpecialtyCare Connect.

For a small monthly fee you can access specialist recommendations for all conditions and for your whole family.

Learn how people are using this service to get the highest quality care, avoid misdiagnoses, prevent ineffective treatment, and save money.

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