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Educators Professional Liability Plan

$1 million in professional liability protection for W-2 employees of schools, colleges, universities and other education organizations. Plan pays defense costs separate from and in addition to the limit of liability. Optional coverage for part-time, education-related activities also available. Rates begin at $116 per year.

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Also Available...

You can gain access to our premium professional liability insurance plans by joining one of more than 60 national education associations. List of sponsoring associations

These plans, offered through the Trust for Insuring Educators, feature

  • Higher benefit levels
  • Broader coverage terms
  • Lower annual rates

Plans also include coverage options for:

  • W-2 employed educators of schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations
  • Educators in private practice or working as independent contactors
  • Student educators / student teachers

Some of our association partners provide professional liability insurance to their members as part of their membership dues.

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Why educators need professional liability insurance

The sad truth today is that educators are increasingly the target of work-related lawsuits brought by disgruntled students, parents and even coworkers.

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Examples of professional liability lawsuits

Educators are facing legal challenges for an expanding array of actions they take or fail to take in the classroom and other work-related venues.

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Are you already covered?

Many of our association partners provide what is called “in-dues” professional liability insurance, ranging from $100,000 to $2 million in liability coverage.

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