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Your Coverage Options:

Educators Professional Liability Plan

Personalized protection for educators who are employees of educational institutions. Rates start as low as $108 per year for $1 million in liability coverage. The plan pays all your defense costs in addition to liability limit for professional liability claims. It also provides job protection benefits if you're subjected to a demotion, transfer, reassignment or dismissal.

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Private Practice Professional Liability

Self-employed educators or those engaged in education-related partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations can protect their personal assets against work-related lawsuits with our Private Practice Professional Liability Insurance Plan. Choose from three liability limits and three deductible levels for economical protection that meets your needs. Optional off-premises liability coverage available if you provide services at locations other than those you own or rent.

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Student Educator Professional Liability Plan

Required by many colleges and universities. Satisfies the insurance liability requirement for students participating in internships, practicums and other teacher training programs. This value-priced plan provides $1 million of professional liability coverage for only $29 per year and pays all defense costs in addition to the limit of liability.

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Why educators need professional liability insurance

The sad truth today is that educators are increasingly the target of work-related lawsuits brought by disgruntled students, parents and even coworkers.

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Examples of professional liability lawsuits

Educators are facing legal challenges for an expanding array of actions they take or fail to take in the classroom and other work-related venues.

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Are you already covered?

Many of our association partners provide what is called “in-dues” professional liability insurance, ranging from $100,000 to $2 million in liability coverage.

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