About Forrest T. Jones & Company

Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ) is an insurance agency and administrator that was established in 1953 to provide insurance products and other financial services to members of associations and other affinity groups.

FTJ currently provides insurance programs to more than 80 national associations and employer groups with more than 1.5 million members. We work with more than 30 of the nation’s leading insurance companies to provide members / employees with access to high quality insurance plans – many with special features and benefits not readily available elsewhere – at favorable group rates.

As the flagship of an enterprise that includes two life insurance companies, a reinsurance company, and an NASD broker/dealer, FTJ offers an exceptional level of strength and flexibility for our association and affinity group clients. Throughout the years, FTJ has worked hand-in-hand with its clients in adding value to member and customer programs through quality insurance products.

FTJ has been family owned and managed since its inception, and we pride ourselves on maintaining close, personal relationships with our clients. We strive to meet their needs in a dynamic environment by applying the latest technology, marketing expertise, and our relationships in the insurance industry to attain the best possible insurance plans for their members and support those plans with old-fashioned, high-touch personal service.

Valuable Protection

FTJ helps policyholders protect their lives, health, families and businesses. Our partnerships with associations continue to grow as we work hand-in-hand to build value for members. Always with an eye on future challenges, we aggressively strive to offer today the protection our customers need tomorrow.

In addition to designing, marketing, administering and providing service for insurance products, we offer:

  • Personalized service backed by the latest technology;
  • Database, multichannel marketing and customized products to meet an association or group's specific needs;

FTJ is domiciled in Missouri and licensed and admitted in the District of Columbia and all states except Arizona. In Arizona, certain life and health insurance plans are administered by an affiliate, Forrest T. Jones Consulting Company (FTJCC).

Arkansas state license number 71740
California state license number 0592939

The Group Advantage

There are many reasons why buying insurance through your association or employer is a smart choice. Here are a few:

  1. Group Rates: Buying insurance through a group may be more economical than buying an individual policy. Through your association or employer, you're included in a large purchasing group with greater buying power and potentially a more favorable risk profile, both of which act to moderate rates.
  2. Quality Products: FTJ offers top products from insurance industry leaders such as New York Life Insurance Company, GEICO, BlueCross BlueShield — companies with a proven record of financial strength and commitment to meet their obligations to policyholders.
  3. Unique Features: Our insurance plans often are created with a unique combination of features, benefits, and/or rates that are of particular value to members of the group and are not readily available on the broad market.
  4. Exceptional Service: We believe courteous, efficient service is required in every situation. If we fail to uphold that standard for even one member of a group, we jeopardize our relationship with every member.