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Nation’s largest independent program;
more than 80,000 educators insured!

Multiple plans to protect virtually any educator:

  • W-2 employed educators, independent contractors, private practitioners and student teachers.
  • Educators in pre-school through post-secondary settings, plus those active in adult / continuing / alternative education programs.
  • Educators in public and private institutions.
  • Instruction or services provided online or in-person

Rates as low as $108 per year* for $1 million in liability protection for W-2 employed educators. Private practice/independent contractor rates start at $203 per year. Discounted rates available for students.

Plans administered by Forrest T. Jones & Company, a leader in insurance protection for educators with more than 60 years experience.

* Rates vary from $108 to $116 based on state of residence and association membership. Non-membership rates begin at $133.
A state-mandated $20 fee is added to the rates for Pennsylvania residents only.

** Job protection benefits pertain to plans for employed educators only.



Triple-Threat Security
- Work-related errors & omissions
- Job protection benefits**
- Criminal defense support

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